I’d always daydreamed about traveling, but it got to the point where I was doing it every. single. day. Everyday started to seem routine and redundant. Now in my late twenties, I guess I had a bit of a quarter-life crisis. My mind started to wonder. I have never traveled long term before, let alone by myself. It was nerve wrecking, but I knew it was an experience that I would not regret about. I finally got enough courage to quit my boring and unsatisfying 9 to 5 job, bought a plane ticket and packed my bags. My goal was to travel with an open mind and come back with a better understanding of the world and myself.

I am not a professional blogger, writer nor an English Major. I’m a girl in her twenties who just have a wanderlust mind. Compared to the people that I have met along the way who has backpacked for years jumping from one country to another, I am just a beginner at this. My only mission is to inspire curiosity about the world and provide helpful tips that I wish I knew when I started traveling the world for the first time.


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